Replacing Punishment With Connection

“… To punish kids, very simply, is to make something unpleasant happen to them — or prevent them from experiencing something pleasant – usually with the goal of changing their future behavior. The punisher makes them suffer, in other words, to teach them a lesson” (Alfi Kohn) Definition of revenge: To inflict punishment in return… Continue reading Replacing Punishment With Connection

Max the Cat (a cooperative game)

Max the Cat is for ages 4-7 (my big kids still like to play) It is for up to 8 players. Did I hear a collective groan when you heard, “A cooperative game”? What is this hippy dippy stuff, right? But cooperation is a CRUCIAL life skill. Even in football. I personally find cooperative games… Continue reading Max the Cat (a cooperative game)


Ages- 8+ Players- 3-6 Skills- Reading, Process of Elimination, Strategy, Cunning, and Attention to Detail. Another Parker Brothers Classic. A detective game that uses process of elimination to figure out who was the murderer?? In what room??? With what weapon??? This game requires some reading but mostly it’s all about the strategy. Players must pay… Continue reading Clue

Scan- A Split Second Matching Game

Players: 2-8 Ages: 9+ Skills: Memory, Concentration, Spacial Awareness, Quick Reactions The object of Scan is collect the most tan colored cards by correctly matching the designs. My kids always own me in memory games and this one is no exception. Their brains are fresher, I tell them. And they tell me I sound like… Continue reading Scan- A Split Second Matching Game

Huggermugger- The “Mystery Word” Game

Players: 2-4 Ages: Adult (I played with my 10 year old daughter. She did great with some modifications) The object of Huggermugger is to be the first team or player to guess the Mystery Word which is hidden within the “Mystery Wheel”. The Mystery Word is 6 letters or less. Each player moves around the board… Continue reading Huggermugger- The “Mystery Word” Game